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‘Bear’ teaches valuable lessons

Beth Colcord is an at-home parent living in La Crescenta and mother

of fellow critic Mae Colcord.

“Brother Bear,” Disney’s newest animated feature, is a feast for

the eyes and ears. With the accompaniment of Phil Collins’ powerful


sound- track, we followed three Native American brothers as they

found out, through extra-ordinary circumstances, what it means to

love each other and to show compassion for the animals around them.

Kenai, who seeks revenge for his oldest brother’s death by hunting


and killing the bear that caused it, is himself transformed into a

bear by his brother’s spirit so that he may learn why his revengeful

actions are wrong.

Tanana, the shaman, tells Kenai the only way he can become a human

again is by finding his brother’s spirit where the “lights touch the

mountains.” Accompanying him on his journey is a bear cub named Koda

who, in the end, teaches Kenai the most about love. The bears are

joined by two comical moose that brought belly laughs to the


7-year-old beside me.

This film is inspirational, stunningly beautiful and has lots of

adventure. Be forewarned there are two death scenes that were

difficult for many of the youngest moviegoers. The ending will leave

you hopeful and wanting more, which is what you get if you stay

through the credits and watch the funny scenes that didn’t make the

final cut.

Delights the family


Mae Colcord, 11, of La Crescenta, is in the sixth grade at Monte

Vista Elementary School.

“Brother Bear” is about a teenage boy named Kenai who lives with

his two older brothers, Denahi and Sitka. Kenai magically transforms

into a bear and can no longer talk to his people. His journey with

Koda, a young bear cub he meets on his way, takes him to the spirits

in the sky so he can turn back into a man.

He also meets two moose, Rutt and Tuke, who make the movie very

funny and interesting. Another fun part was when Kenai meets many new

bears and has a blast hanging out with them catching fish at the


I really liked how Kenai finally learns how important it is to

have love in your life. It was also great that Kenai learned bears

aren’t the ferocious beasts he thought they were. I thought “Brother

Bear” was both sad and happy, and think it will delight you and your


* “Brother Bear” runs 85 minutes and is rated G.