Incumbents facing fight to keep their seats

Ryan Carter

Local legislators seeking reelection will not go unchallenged this


A list of candidates released by the Secretary of State’s office


shows that 10 newcomers are competing for state Senate and Assembly

seats in the November 2004 election.

Area incumbents include state Sen. Jack Scott (D-Burbank) and

Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D-Burbank).


The two candidates formally vying for Scott’s seat are Libertarian

and Glendale businessman Bob New and Richard Joseph St. Andrew III, a

registered Republican.

Former Montrose-based gubernatorial Independent candidate Christy

Cassell also has announced she is running for Scott’s seat, but her

name does not appear on the county’s list of registered candidates.

New said his candidacy is partly a reaction to the massive budget

deficit the state encountered this year and will have to grapple with


again next year.

“We’ve got to return to the original thrift and industry that made

this country great,” he said.

But Scott, 70, is not ready to relinquish his seat before term

limits force him out of office.

“I am not a career politician,” Scott said. “I was an educator

before this. But I chose to run because I thought my experience could

be of help. There are still issues I can be effective with.”


Gun-safety laws, an emphasis on education, and bills designed to

protect seniors have been hallmarks of Scott’s tenure in the Senate.

Frommer, meanwhile, is being challenged by Libertarian Sandor

Woren, a Glendale resident. Frommer could not be reached for comment


The candidates will appear on the March 2 presidential primary