Liquor store robber on the loose

Police were searching Friday for a man who robbed a liquor store with

a 6-inch knife and then escaped on foot.

Nelson’s Liquor Store, 4420 N. Victory Blvd., was held up Nov. 8

by a man who posed as a customer before sitting on the counter,


threatening the clerk and removing cash from the register, Burbank

Police Sgt. William Berry said.

The suspect -- described as a 6-foot-tall black man with an

Afro-style haircut pulled back into a ponytail -- was last seen


running south on Clybourn Avenue, Berry said. He was wearing a

black-and-white Pendleton jacket and black pants.

“He was very calm,” Berry said. “He didn’t put the knife to

anyone’s throat. He just held it up, took the money without a word,

sauntered out of the store and disappeared in the dark.”

The three customers who left before police arrived, as well as

anyone else with information, are asked to call Det. Ron Miller at



Jackson Bell