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Chronology of events provided by police and...

Chronology of events provided by police and coroner’s officials:


* 6:30-6:45 p.m.: Burbank Police Officer Gregory Campbell

questions the occupants of a 1999 Cadillac Escalade with no visible


registration tags parked in the north lot of the Ramada Inn at 2900

N. San Fernando Blvd. Campbell questions Ramon Aranda, 25, who is

seated in the driver’s seat, and passenger David A. Garcia, 19.

Campbell, 41, approaches the sport utility vehicle and asks for


registration, which the suspects say they do not have. Officer

Matthew Pavelka, 26, who was en route to the scene because he heard

Campbell’s initial stop over the police radio, enters the lot in his

patrol car.

Pavelka and Campbell approach the Escalade without their guns

drawn. When the officers get to within 15 feet of the two men, Garcia

and Aranda allegedly get out of the Escalade with handguns drawn and

fire 30 rounds at Pavelka and Campbell, who return about 15 rounds.


The officers are wearing bulletproof vests, but both are hit several

times. Garcia runs away. A critically wounded Pavelka radios for

help. Within three minutes, several units respond.

* 6:45 p.m.-7 p.m.: Aranda dies in the parking lot from gunshot

wounds to the chest. Burbank Police officers respond, along with

officers from the Glendale Police Department. Police immediately set

up a perimeter bordered by Hollywood Way, Buena Vista Street, San

Fernando Boulevard and the Golden State (5) Freeway. Pavelka and


Campbell are taken to local hospitals. Traffic is stopped on the

freeway between Hollywood Way and Buena Vista Street for several

hours as the search for Garcia continues into the night with K-9

units and helicopters. Some residents within the area being searched

by police are asked to stay inside their homes.

* 7:52 p.m.: Pavelka is pronounced dead during surgery at

Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

* Saturday night-Sunday morning: Most of Burbank’s off-duty police

officers join the on-duty force in the search for Garcia, along with

other agencies. Glendale Police send a special response team, a

special enforce- ment detail and 20 field officers to help cover

Burbank patrols.


* Erwin DeLeon, 20, and James B. Garcia, 19 -- David A. Garcia’s

twin brother -- are arrested Sunday during a warrant search at a home

in Sun Valley. A machine gun and three assault rifles were found.

They also are accused of aiding the suspect in his getaway, police


* 4 p.m.: Police Chief Thomas Hoefel holds a news conference at

department headquarters. He announces the names of the deceased, and

calls the tragedy -- the first Burbank officer-related shooting death

in more than 80 years -- a “terrible stressor” on the department.

Burbank leads the investigation, which expands into the northeast San

Fernando Valley, including Sun Valley.


* As police continue to hunt for Pavelka’s suspected killer, a

makeshift memorial of flowers, candles and notes grows at the base of

the Police and Fire Memorial at Burbank Police and Fire headquarters.

A steady flow of well-wishers visits the memorial. Police continue to

serve search warrants in the area. Officers pursue a possible lead in

Tujunga that turns out not to be related to the Burbank shooting.


* A multi-agency task force continues to search for Garcia,

focusing on his family and friends. Pavelka’s family pleads for the

public’s help in finding Garcia in a news conference at police

headquarters. DeLeon and James B. Garcia plead not guilty to six

felony charges, including being accessories after the fact, in

Burbank Superior Court. Pavelka’s funeral plans are announced for

Friday at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.