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Pavelka was a courageous man and one...

Pavelka was a courageous man and one of Burbank’s ‘own’

I have been a resident of Burbank for more than 10 years. I always

tell people that I love living in Burbank because I feel very safe

knowing that our police department has one of the fastest response


times of any city in the greater Los Angeles area.

When I read about Officer Matthew Pavelka’s funeral, I cried. I

was truly saddened by his death. I believe it takes a very special

type of selfless person to be a police officer or a firefighter.


Officer Pavelka died in the line of duty, coming to the aid of fellow

Officer Gregory Campbell. This not only makes him a courageous hero,

but as a citizen of Burbank I truly feel as Mayor Stacey Murphy said,

“Matthew Pavelka was one of our very own.”

My heart goes out to his family, his girlfriend, and his fellow

officers. I also want to send a big thank-you to our neighboring

police officers in Glendale for helping out during his funeral.




Burbank lucky to have

police officers like Pavelka

Today as I was walking around Police and Fire headquarters

watching police officers and firefighters getting ready for the

services for fallen Officer Matthew Pavelka. There were so many of

Burbank’s finest there, waiting to go to the services.

It made me realize what a super city Burbank is, because of these


people who risk their lives to keep us all safe. Burbank wouldn’t be

the city it is without these very important people.

I am very, very grateful to each and every one of them for keeping

our city safe.

My heart goes out to Matthew’s parents for their loss. Burbank was

lucky to have Matthew on the police force.