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‘Haunted’ effects booo-tiful

Tyler Nyczaj, 17, of Burbank, is a senior at John Burroughs High


I saw Walt Disney Picture’s “The Haunted Mansion” at the El

Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. The film stars the ever-so-funny Eddie


Murphy as Jim Evers, who is a Realtor, and Marsha Thomason as his

wife, Sara. She gets a call from Edward Gracey (Nathaniel Parker),

who wishes to sell his mansion. When the Everses arrive there, the

thrills and chills begin.


The movie had many breathtaking special effects. Madame Leota

(Jennifer Tilly) was an impressive effect, appearing only as a head

in a crystal ball. The movie had some funny parts that gave the sense

it just wasn’t a scary movie. Terence Stamp, who played Ramsley,

Gracey’s butler, was very good. He was really creepy.

Some parts of the movie had elements from the Disneyland ride,

such as the three hitchhiking ghosts. The singing statue heads were

hilarious. Whenever Murphy tried to ask them a question, they’d sing.


After the movie, I went behind the theater to “The Haunted

Mansion Hollywood” behind-the- scenes attraction. Inside, they have

actual sets and costumes from the movie. They have a short show on

the making of the special effects. I was disappointed that it wasn’t

a more hands-on experience.

They also have Kodak camera machines that allow you to take a

picture of your face and then put it on one of the characters in the

movie. The set of the Great Hall was extraordinary. It had spider


webs all over it to give the hall the creepy effect.

They also have a game room where you can play Ping-Pong or shoot a

soft basketball through a ghost face.

I somewhat enjoyed it, although it didn’t turn out to be what I


“The Haunted Mansion” film is rated PG for frightening images,

thematic elements and language.