‘Gotta’ go see Jack, Diane

Billie Nichols of Burbank is a Realtor.

The rave notices for Diane Keaton certainly are justified in

“Something’s Gotta Give.” She keeps you riveted in almost every scene

as a relationship develops between her character, Erica, and Harry,


played by Jack Nicholson.

When Harry meets his much younger girlfriend’s mother -- Erica --

there is a connection that not either of them is willing to acknow-

ledge. As they parry back and forth between daughter Marin’s (Amanda


Peet) frolics, it puts Harry into the hospital with a heart attack.

Erica gets a young beau of her own when Julian, a handsome doctor

played by Keanu Reeves, falls for her while everyone is visiting

Harry in the hospital.

Much like “Christmas in Connecticut,” a movie from the

black-and-white days that comes to mind, the comedic lines flow

through the movie. You will laugh almost to the end.

Being an older, single woman, I can relate to the situations Erica


faces. Would I have made the decision Erica did at the movie’s end? I

leave you to guess. It would be fun, if when they make a DVD, they

included two endings. That way, depending on one’s mood, you can


My intention is to see the movie again. It makes one think. I’m

sure you men out there will recognize what Nicholson’s character goes

through, too. It would be fun to hear your reactions, ladies and



This is a well-made film from beginning to end, and much fun for

the mature among us.

* “Something’s Gotta Give” is rated PG-13 for sexual content,

brief nudity and strong language.