How about taxing owners of gas-guzzling SUVs?

Hooray for Brad Sherman! At last, someone in government is waking up

to the fact that big gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles are not

doing the environment -- or any of us -- any good (Dec. 27 Leader).

It does indeed seem ridiculous that buyers of the H1 Hummer (9

mpg, city) can receive $100,000 in tax deductions while buyers of

gasoline-efficient hybrids (50 mpg city) get a measly $2,000

deduction. Mr. Sherman's new legislation should help tilt the scales

toward reason again.

I also think that motorists in California could be encouraged to

buy more gas-efficient cars, with some incentives. Maybe we could

start by going back to the tripling of the car registration tax, but

only on gas-guzzling vehicles. And let's make gasoline more expensive

for those SUVs. Drive an SUV and expect to pay more for that luxury.

Also, we could require all SUV owners to register in the Army

Reserves, so that they can help fight our wars in the Middle East,

which are ultimately over oil.

Until we get over our silly love affair with SUVs, we will

continue to be dependent upon foreign oil and the politics that go

with it. I'm glad that someone like Brad Sherman is on the case.



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