Council reaches guardrail compromise

Mark R. Madler

City Council members have reached a compromise on paying for a

guardrail on a private road.

Raffi Margossian, who is building a home in the 1200 block of

Elmwood Avenue, will pay for the guardrail but will be reimbursed for

half the cost if another empty lot on the block is built on within

five years.

City officials recommended the guardrail for Margossian's home. In

April 2002 and December 2003, vehicles veered off a curve on the

private road off Elmwood Avenue near Sherlock Drive.

"There have been two accidents, so that calls for some action,"

Councilman Todd Campbell said. "But it's not fair for Dr. Margossian

to bear the full cost."

The estimated cost for the guardrail is between $15,000 and


Margossian plans to build a 7,200-square-foot house with an

accessory building away from the main house. Although the Planning

Board approved the accessory structure, city staff recommended

council deny it.

A neighbor who has not yet built on his lot appealed, saying it

would affect his view when a house is eventually built.

After discussion, the council approved the accessory struct ure

with the condition that it be set back eight feet from the driveway.

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