Council hosting forum

Mark R. Madler

With the proposed development agreement between the City Council and

Bob Hope Airport being the most hotly debated issue facing the city,

the council will have a public forum next month to give residents a

chance to address the issue directly outside of a regular meeting.

The forum takes place Jan. 12 at the Buena Vista branch of the

Burbank Public Library, 300 Buena Vista St.

"I hope we can educate the public on what the plan really looks

like, talk about the pros and cons and get some dialogue going," said

Councilwoman Stacey Murphy, who originally proposed the idea during

the Nov. 16 council meeting.

Councilman Todd Campbell said he wasn't trying to change minds but

rather present information on the agreement.

"People on all sides are well intentioned," Campbell said. "The

more we talk about it, the more people understand what are the

issues. The council is interested in what the public has to say."

The council is scheduled to vote on the agreement at its Jan. 18


The proposed development agreement lays out cooperation between

the city and airport on noise mitigation; stops terminal expansion

for 10 years; stops expansion of the general aviation land-use area;

allows the airport to purchase an adjacent parking lot; places on

hold the sale of the B-6 trust property; and permits construction of

a taxiway.

The forum will include a 90-minute open house where the public can

talk with council members and city staff about the agreement. A more

formal session will then follow.

A representative from the Bob Hope Airport is expected to be at

the forum, airport spokesman Victor Gill said.

Carolyn Berlin, a member of an anti-airport expansion group, said

she hopes the forum gets a good turnout.

"It's really important that the council hear what all the people

have to say," Berlin said. "It's just as important that the people

hear what all the council members have to say."

The anti-expansion group is pressing the council to sell the B-6

trust property and to allow a public vote on the development


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