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Laborer problem will get worse Regarding the...

Laborer problem will get worse

Regarding the new Home Depot, I think having another home

improvement center in the city is fine.

The problem with the day laborers will exist, just as it does


today, at the U-Haul (Alameda Avenue and Victory Boulevard).

There are constant complaints from the surrounding businesses

regarding the day laborers defecating, urinating, and drinking in



I have personally seen day laborers urinating in plain view of the

public in front of a business’s window.

The poor person inside her office has to see men urinating on her

window while she is working.

The city should not allow another haven for this activity by

creating a “day labor center” at the new Home Depot site.

This will attract a larger group than the U-Haul location and

overtax the police to handle a problem created by the city itself.


There are daily calls for service regarding this issue already at

the U-Haul. There are also other issues currently regarding the day

labor movement and the group.

There have been very large protests (300-plus people) at Home

Depots in the San Gabriel valley requiring a very large contingent of

police officers from all surrounding police agencies to handle the


Does the City Council really want this kind of problem in



I can foresee numerous problems at this new location regarding the

above issues.



Downtown needs

a drugstore

It’s great that so many large apartment buildings are in the

center of Burbank, but all the supermarkets and drug stores are

relegated to the outskirts of downtown and we have to traverse acres

of parking lots to reach them.

We desperately need a drugstore downtown, where we can get

practical things like over-the-counter drugs, soap, toilet tissue and

get films developed. It needn’t be a huge multi-checkout stand with

big parking lots.

Rite Aid has a store in Grand Central Station and there

is also a food market in the station. Long’s Drugs has a mid-size

store in downtown Brentwood. There is a mid-size supermarket in the

Ala Moana shopping center in downtown Honolulu. There is a Vons

market in the lower level of the parking structure at the Westside


It’s great that there are so many apartments in the heart of

downtown, but our most basic needs cannot be met without using a car.

We need some place where we can take our collapsible shopping carts

to haul our groceries home.