Fund-raiser for ballet company

Rosette Gonzales

When people think of ballet, they don’t usually think of Spain,

admits Media City Ballet’s artistic director Natasha

Middleton-Kettebekov. But this Saturday, they will, when the company


has its Noche de Fuego fund-raiser.

The dance party will give everyone an opportunity to experience

the passion of Latin dance with salsa lessons, music, food and

unlimited margaritas and sangria. The event is $45 and is a


fund-raiser for Media City Ballet’s Aug. 20 performance of the

Spanish ballet “Pasion de Espana” at the Alex Theatre.

“It’s one of the most famous, fiery Spanish ballets,”

Middleton-Kettebekov said. “I want [the public] to think this company

has a lot of versatility.”

The music and choreography of “Pasion de Espana” is so

captivating, Middleton-Kettebekov hopes people will walk away after

the show with the music of Spain resonating in their mind. So as a


sneak preview of the August performance, Noche de Fuego will feature

small excerpts of the ballet and a salsa performance by Moses

Navarro, who will also provide dance lessons during the evening.

The event aims to be an exciting and fun time that promotes Media

City Ballet and the classical ballet art forms it brings to the

community, Navarro said.