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Cafe serves food for champions

Mark Humphrey

Starting today, health-conscious gym-goers will be able to enjoy Amy

Giraldo’s special tuna salad and sandwich recipes, coffee and healthy

smoothies as her Champion Cafe opens its doors inside the World Gym


on Hollywood Way.

Giraldo’s husband, George, who runs the gym’s Champion Fitness

personal training service, is pleased that others will be able to

enjoy the recipes he’s come to love.


“This will certainly make it easier to stay on my diet while

training,” said George Giraldo, who is also a bodybuilder. “Having my

wife working so close also keeps things within the family, which is


George and Amy Giraldo fittingly met while Amy was working at a

juice bar.

Recently, the cafe area at the World Gym on Hollywood Way was left

vacant, and the Burbank residents seized the opportunity to do


something unique.

“We think it will be a wonderful way to enhance not only the gym

but also the neighborhood with a really good juice bar,” Amy Giraldo


She took the chance on the business venture, in part, because she

loves cooking for others and feels that she has a knack for making

food that people enjoy.

Her experience preparing George’s meals for his training regimen


has her confident that she can deliver food that is not only healthy

but can appeal to differing diets.

A prime example is Amy Giraldo’s special tuna recipe, which is

offered in both sandwich form, helpful for those who need to

carbo-load, and a salad version, perfect for carb-monitoring South

Beach and Atkins Diet fans.

The cafe additionally offers a selection of coffee drinks like

Espressos, Americanos and Lattes.

While some question the nutritional value of coffee, George

Giraldo counts himself among its supporters.

“Coffee is an excellent training aid. Not only is it a great fat

burner, but it also provides extra energy,” he said. “If I don’t

drink coffee before my workouts, I find that I’m not worth a thing.”

The couple believes that having the Champion Cafe within the gym

is an excellent tool for gym-goers to take advantage of. After

exercising, people are exhausted and need to recharge, Amy Giraldo


In addition to coffee drinks and tuna items, visitors to the

Champion Cafe can expect to find specialty smoothies with supplements

like protein and folic acid, though Amy Giraldo is quick to point out

that they are not going all out and offering a large number of

supplements such as wheat grass or anything of the sort.

Other items to watch out for on the menu are rice bowls,

sandwiches both traditional (turkey, roast beef) and eclectic (“The

Elvis,” a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich), and breakfast

items like multigrain pancakes and egg whites.

Customers can also call ahead to ensure that their food will be

ready when they arrive.

“A lot of people would agree that food makes them happy,” Amy

Giraldo said. “And I’d like to think that food that not only tastes

good but is also healthy would make them that much happier.”