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Stacey Murphy should step aside Innocent or...

Stacey Murphy should step aside

Innocent or guilty, Councilwoman Murphy has shown poor judgment

and a lack of responsibility. Either way, I wouldn’t feel comfortable

having her as a neighbor, let alone as a representative making


decisions for my community. Stacey Murphy must step aside as soon as

possible. She is unfit to hold her position.




Murphy arrest a sad state of affairs

I just cannot believe what I read in the paper! We truly are the

Modern Romans. That a former mayor and active councilwoman is

arrested on weapons and narcotics charges shows the sad state of

affairs in government and the decadence of Hollywood, long known as a

cocaine-using community.... After all Burbank is a “media center,” as

stated on the official website.

Councilwoman Stacey Murphy is well attached to people who can help


her but I really do hope she gets full treatment by the law without

any backroom help.

If she gets special treatment, politicians are helping crime. This

is why crime is so hard to stop.

If guilty, her penalty should be even more severe than the average

citizen as she is a public official elected to protect the public

from such things that she and her boyfriend seem implicated with.

A charge like this erodes the public confidence in government and


flags decadence in our society as a whole. Of course she hasn’t been

proven guilty but much damage is already done. From newspaper reports

it seems her boyfriend has already stated his implication and turned

her in. He was also politically involved in the town. I think she

should be banned from any and all political activities forever. Even

though the crime is alleged at this point and she hasn’t had a

hearing, how can someone explain having cocaine, three guns, and 900

rounds (that’s 900 rounds) of ammunition in their home? Each round

can kill one person, Did two policemen have to die before crimes

like these are ferreted out?

Norman Tempia

Woodland Hills

Murphy has very bad judgment

I can’t believe Stacey Murphy would have the audacity to plan to

return to being a member of City Council after being involved with

such sleazy allegations. Even if she is cleared of charges, why would

we want someone who allegedly had all that in her house representing

us? Not me, that’s for sure.

Am I the only one?I mean I’ve seen “movies of the week” that

didn’t have plots as crazy as this story. Well, of course, if she

apologizes, that makes everything better. Wrong! Are we that

desperate for people serving on City Council?If just any citizen had

been arrested for this, they would have thrown away the key by now.

But heaven forbid, we humiliate our ex-mayor.

I haven’t seen her at the local grocery store, but if I were her,

I wouldn’t have the guts to show my face around town, let alone a

council meeting once this is over. Give me a break.

I’ve known Stacey Murphy for 16 years. My daughter went to school

with her son all the way from kindergarten through 12th grade here in

our wonderful Burbank school system.

But I surely think somewhere along the way, her sense of good

judgment took a turn for the worse. . I admire all the people who

wish her well and pray for her acquittal of these charges.

But I personally think, all this didn’t just happen overnight.

There wasn’t some mysterious elf that marched into her house the day

before she was arrested and planted all this cocaine and guns and

ammunition. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d love

to sell you.

Believe me, I am by no means a saint. I don’t even go to church.

But, give me a break.

How could anyone trust her decisions as a member of City Council,

after knowing what poor decisions she made in her personal life. I’m

not saying she necessarily needs to go to jail for such

transgressions, but she doesn’t need to be handed a free pass either.

What kind of example does that set for all of our children?

I’ll answer that question, no example at all. In fact, a really,

really bad example. She can still live in Burbank, but do we need to

reward her bad behavior and decisions, by letting her back on City

Council. If I have to tell you the answer to that, it’s indeed a sad

statement about our society.