LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Election flier is just smear tactic

I am writing this letter in response to a flier received in today's mail. This was a mudslinging, nasty bit of political hate mail. One side spews bile at Gary Bric and the other side at Anja Reinke. I am appalled by the gutter-scraping tone and allegations.

Since this flier attacks two of the candidates for City Council and not the other two, I wondered who sent the flier and why. What I do know is this: The flier was sent by the Coalition for Responsible Leadership, which is also known as the Good Government Committee.

The California State government website provided a lot of information. What is interesting is that a lot of the money given to this group comes from real estate development companies and groups such as JH Snyder Company (a real estate developer), Home Builders for Good Government and Ronald Burkle.

Why would these massively wealthy people donate more than $60,000 to the Coalition for Responsible Leadership?

Apparently so that people like Gary Bric and Anja Reinke can be smeared. Perhaps the big developers don't want Reinke and Bric to be on the Burbank City Council. Perhaps they would prefer the team that wasn't blasted in this flier — Philip Berlin, a former Burbank Airport Commissioner, and Carolyn Berlin, formerly on the Burbank Planning Board.

What I could not find out is who the Coalition for Responsible Leadership is. This group spent (according to two California Form 486s) $4,721 on this hateful mailing to try to affect a local city election. Why they brought their slimy tactics here is unknown.

I urge you to resist this deplorable path of politics. If this venom is aimed at Reinke and Bric, then I can only believe that the builders and developers want the Berlin team in office. Is that what you want?



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