John Burroughs High School Class of 2007:Burroughs seniors leaving with pride

Red cap-and-gown-clad seniors covered nearly all the grass at Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School Thursday night.

While parents beamed and fellow students gave speeches about the future, their present lives and the past four years they spent together, the graduates waited to hear their names called.

"Well, class of 2007, you have made it," Principal Emilio Urioste said.

Names were called and echoed through loudspeakers around the graduating class as people in the stands shouted messages of encouragement and love toward them.

Students walked, cartwheeled and jumped through the aisles after shaking hands with their teachers.

Tassels were turned to the left, and, in their excitement, students skipped the traditional singing of the alma mater and threw their caps into the air amid red, white and silver confetti, and streamers burst from cannons on the side of the stage.

Then the joyous mayhem began.

Family, friends and loved ones flooded onto the field to snap photos and shed tears with their respective graduates.

"Oh my God, we … made it," Kimberly Tilley, 18, shouted as she hugged and climbed all over her friend Christen Taylor, 17.

Christen's mom, Sherry James Taylor, watched them celebrate and hugged her daughter. They smiled widely at each other, standing amid the dust that kicked up from hundreds of weepy and shouting people.

"I feel so wonderful," her mother said."It was down to the wire. She almost didn't make it."

Now that she has, she is most likely on her way to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Christen said.

For graduate Justin Hassis, 17, who gave the reminiscence speech at the ceremony, it was a different story.

A member of the National Honor Society, the California Scholarship Federation and the Burroughs choir, Justin said he was going to miss his high school life.

"There were a lot of rough times and a lot of fun times, but it was all great," he said. "I was excited to be moving on, but I know I am going to miss this."

Justin hadn't found his family yet in the bustle of the crowd. Many students stood on chairs, their hands raised and waving as they communicated a rendezvous with loved ones over their cellphones.

Dominic McKinnie, 17, had 10 people come to see him graduate. They stood in front of him in a semi-circle and took takes being photographed with him in his red cap and gown.

"I'm proud," his father, Patrick McKinnie, said. "It came quick. I'm really proud of him, really."

Dominic plans to attend Glendale Community College this summer to get a head start on his studies and get out of community college as soon as he possibly can to head to Cal State University Fresno or UC San Diego.

Even though he looks forward to moving on with his life, he said he won't ever forget the time he spent at Burroughs and the people that made up his world for four years.

"I feel awesome," he said. "Four years of school is over, four years of football is over. Getting everything done is pretty much the greatest feeling I have ever had; I am going to miss everything. All my friends, all my classes, all my teachers. These people did a lot for me out here."

John Burroughs High School Class of 2007 Graduates

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Maxim Babooie, Sara Baker, Omar Ballesteros, Michelle Barbula, Kristofor Bardales, Elizabeth Barragan, Phillip Barrile, Kirk Bass, Jessica Bedoya, Scott Beekman, Brian Berg, Lauren Bermeo, Simone Bessant, Alexandria Bessegato, Keith Binkly, Lafayette Blackmon, William Bliss, Caitlin Block, Jillian Boelke, Angie Bolanos, Karen Bonilla, Ledy Bosque, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Daniel Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Aria Britt, Christine Brownfield, Tyler Bruno, Amanda Bryan, Nicolas Bryant, Tyler Bussard, Megan Byrne,

Bryan Cabanilla, Olivia Cabezas, Lindsey Cafarella, Robert Caffey, Leighton Cain, Sergio Calvillo, Tatiana Camacho-Daniel, Michael Cambianica, Tiffany Cammarata, Jessica Campbell, Taylor Campbell, Patricia Campos, Rolando Carcamo, Michael Cardenas, Kaitlyn Carey, Ivan Caro, Shayna Carroll, Shawnee Carter, Jacqueline Carver, Jocelyn Casas, Adrian Castillo, Bryant Castillo, Daniel Castillo, Timothy Castillo, Edward Castro, Juan Castro, Rocky Joe Castro, Vanessa Catalan, Thalia Cejudo, Ian Cervantes, Anasheh Chaharmahali, Cassidy Chamberlain, Kylynn Chaney, David Chavarria, Jesus Chavez, Karla Chavez, Stephanie Chicas, Mackenzie Chill, Ezra Chobaz, Melody Chung, Matthew Clark, Wesley Cleary, Nestor Cobian, Christopher Coffey, Valerie Cohen, Emily Cole, Joshua Collier, Thomas Conrad, Cody Cook, Alison Cornejo, Ismael Corona, Jesus Coronel, Tania Corte, Haydee Cortes, Christopher Cortez, Brandon Crawford, Byrone Cruz, Karen Cruz, Hazel Cueto,

Kim Lien Dang, Cassandra Davenport, Christopher Davila, Megan De Los Reyes, Manuel DeAvila, Natalie Defaz, Amanda D'Egidio, Michael Anthony DelCarmen , Kirsten DeRouville, Elvira Diaz, Guillermo Diaz, Stephanie Diaz, Samantha DiMatteo, Dominick DiNapoli, William Duncan, Tayley Dunivant,

David Eadler, Rebecca Edwards, Robert Edwards, Jillian Eklund, Johannah Eley, Edward Elkins, Justin Elliott, Erik Enson, Julie Ershadi, Ana Escamilla, Andrea Escobar, Debbie Escobar, Catherine Eskandar, Brianna Esquivel, Christine Estandarte, Darlene Etter, Jeffrey Evans,

Kimberly Fabio, Janelle Feldman, Andrew Felix, Brian Felix, Ryan Felix, Rick Fernandez, John Ferrara, Marcela Fierro, Philip Filijan, Samantha Fiol, Troy Fleiner, Holly Fleming, Anthony Fletcher, Diego Flores, Maribel Flores, Miguel Flores, Ramon Flores, Rosa Flores, Krystofer Ford, Lauren Frank, Victor Frausto,

Misho Galbo, Kyle Gale, Carolina Galleran, Anthony Galvez, Antonio Galvez, Alfredo Gamino, Rogelio Gandara Alvarez, Alexis Garcia, Dianna Garcia, Carina Garcia, Claudette Garibay, Dale Garrett, Kelley Gastelum, Megan Genova, Ambar George, Stephanie Gergov, Jason Ghezzi, Jasmeen Gill, Melissa Gimenez, Andrew Godin, Jonathan Goldstein, Erika Gomez, Marielle Gomez, Michele Gomez, Crystal Gomillion, Leanna Gonzales, Brenda Gonzalez, Carl Gonzalez, Ina Gonzalez, Oscar Gonzalez, Loni Goodeliunas, Brenda Grate, Mary Gray, Dyenne Green, Rene Guardado, Christina Guerra, Alex Guevara, Jose Guillermo, Michelle Guitard, Joey Gutierrez, Marie Gutierrez, Victor Gutierrez,

Justin Haasis, Rhett Haboush, Patrick Hanna, Logan Harrison, Damian Hattori, Antonio Hawks, Brett Hendrickson, Rachel Hendrickson, Shane Heninger, Bryce Hernandez, Chris Hernandez, James Hernandez, Jesika Hernandez, Matthew Hernandez, Adolfo Hernandez Jr., Joel Hernandez-Ramos, Paola Herrada, Saya Higuchi, Jaime Hill, Ryan Hinchliffe, Michelle Ho, Andrew Holbrook, David Holland, Michael Holland, Michael Holmes, Carina Howard, Janine Howell, Omar Huerta, Joseph Huggins, Chloe Hunt, William Hutauruk, Richard Ispirian, Emma Jackson, Briauna Jalsevac, Faine Jennings, Yan Jiang, Angelina Jiries, Michael Johnson, Thomas Johnson III, Trevore Jones, Heidi Juarez,

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