That’s what signs are supposed to do

I noticed the electronic pricing sign at the gas station on Hollywood Way (“Sign sparks debate,” April 29). It keeps reminding me not to go there since it generally has the highest gas prices around. The lighting does draw one’s attention, but then aren’t all signs supposed to do that?

In the same business block of Magnolia Park, I noted a bright yellow sidewalk sign pointing to pianos inside, a storefront brightly painted with jelly beans spotted all over it, and an optometrist office with a big political banner draped across the front.

If there is technical regulation prohibiting LED-lighted signs, it seems a bit silly. The LED lights are no more distracting than gaudy displays.

It seems a bit much to be before the City Council, but what else is new around here?



Bric has the right stuff to be mayor

We have enjoyed watching Gary Bric grow into a solid and conscientious councilman (“Gary Bric becomes mayor,” May 2). We think that with his past experience he should become an excellent mayor for the city of Burbank.



Mayor will be on top of city issues

Gary Bric will be a fabulous mayor for Burbank (“Gary Bric becomes mayor,” May 2). He is a no-nonsense guy who does his homework on issues and asks the right questions in a positive way. He respects people and knows how important it is to find the proper solution to a problem. He will be terrific!



Candidate still has talent for next season

Kimberly Jo, I love ya! You almost got elected (“Burbank City Council election: The Aftermath,” April 18). David Gordon squeaked by. Gordon is a gadfly. We need at least one on the council. The late Ted McConkey was an able gadfly in years past. The council never voted him in as mayor because he wasn’t agreeable enough, but I don’t think he cared.

Back to Jo. She’s attractive, intelligent (USC, UCLA, Burbank High School), has a good job with the Planning Department of the city of Los Angeles, and is ambitious. What else is there?

A good Realtor friend of mine said he went to the candidate forum and Jo was very sharp in her remarks. Too bad we don’t have another position for council coming up next week. She’d be elected easily. I would suggest she volunteer for at least one position on the local boards or commissions. More local experience would be a feather in her cap. She has a very catchy name, which could be a plus.

In any case, Jo, you have my vote. For the next council election, Dave Golonski just might retire. Gordon might run for governor or even president and we’ll probably have another newcomer in the elective group, maybe Jesse Byers. Would Bob Kramer consider a comeback? Arnold Schwarzenegger will probably be looking for work. I’ll be thinking about forming a committee for your next try at a council election. Good luck.



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