'An entire future lies ahead'

The future may be uncertain for the class of 2009, but one thing is clear, senior Marianne Epstein told her fellow John Burroughs High School graduates Thursday.

“The worst is over — no more state testing,” she said.

Her speech, one of six by students, drew cheers from the crowd of cap-and-gown-clad students on the school’s football field.

Bursts of confetti and screams of joy capped off the ceremony, which took place under stadium lights as a cool breeze blew across the field, waving tassels and red gowns.

Students had spoken to the group about the completion of what may have been the best four years of their lives — so far. And they looked ahead with excitement.

“An entire future lies ahead of us that is full of possibilities,” Robert Farmer, one of two valedictorians, told the audience. “All we have to do is go and take ours.”

Seniors reflected on their friendships at Burroughs, some of which had grown during 13 years in school.

Some talked of bonds forged on sports teams, in music groups or on morning runs to a nearby snack stop for breakfast burritos. Others were most affected by their academic experiences.

The strong friendships made during the familiar routine of high school might soon be tested with distance, as peers begin to spread across the region, country and world for education and work, students said.

“I’m a little emotional to be leaving because this is like my home,” said Nathalie Torres, who wasn’t sure which of her friends she would be able to keep in touch with as years begin to pass.

But fears of separation didn’t put a damper on the celebration.

Students danced, hopped and skipped across the field after getting their time to be in the spotlight and receiving diploma covers from members of the Board of Education.

When the ceremony was over, students high-fived, jumped, hugged and kissed before eventually boarding buses headed to Disneyland for a nightlong celebration.

“It’s just a great emotional experience,” said Cameron Blocker, who was among a group of boys chest-bumping and shouting with excitement as the field cleared.

Christian Zuniga relished the moment.

He almost didn’t get a chance to walk in the ceremony after having struggled through a language barrier and failed to pass crucial math exams. Zuniga immigrated from Honduras five years ago and had been unable to grasp some math concepts while learning English. His goal was to move on to Glendale Community College and study culinary arts, en route to possibly becoming a chef, but first he needed to make it through high school. After failing a required algebra test four times, Zuniga was granted one final chance.

He was determined to pass and even studied through Wednesday night before taking his exam just hours before the ceremony. It paid off.

“I feel like a superstar,” he said as he walked onto the field at the start of the event and caught a glimpse of the overflowing bleachers.

His struggle to make it through high school taught him an important lesson, he said — one that he won’t forget: “If you work hard, you can get it.”


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