Burbank critic arrested on firearms charge

A Burbank government critic remains in Los Angeles County jail Saturday following his arrest earlier this week for illegally possessing a firearm, police said.

Edward Guerrero, 51, was transported to Twin Towers Correctional Facility following his arrest by Burbank authorities Wednesday. He remains in the downtown Los Angeles facility in lieu of $35,000 bail.

Guerrero is scheduled to appear in a Burbank courtroom Sept. 28, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies said Saturday.

Burbank police responded to his residence in the 200 block of South Glenwood Place after receiving a telephone message from Guerrero stating he was having trouble with his landlord and neighbors.

“He said, ‘If I have to I am going to arm myself to protect myself,’” Burbank Police Lt. Eric Rosoff said.

Rosoff said that Guerrero had previously been adjudicated to be a danger to others due to mental issues. As such, he said, Guerrero is forbidden from possessing a firearm or other deadly weapon.

Rosoff said he was unable to provide any additional information, citing confidentiality concerns.

According to city officials, Guerrero has repeatedly complained in recent weeks about problems with his landlord. Mayor Gary Bric said Guerrero has left threatening messages with him regarding the city’s perceived inaction on the issue.

Guerrero’s arrest this week was the latest in a long-running spat with city executives. In May 2004, he was forcibly removed from the City Council chambers by Burbank Police Det. Joseph Dean and then-Police Chief Thomas Hoefel. He was later convicted of resisting arrest and disrupting a council meeting.

In January 2005, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lillian Stevens sentenced him to 30 days in jail. He was also ordered to take anger management classes, stay away from council meetings and have no contact with city officials or employees.

Despite the ruling, Guerrero has continued to show up at City Council meetings, albeit on an irregular bases. During these times, he often claims city officials are aware of a myriad of crimes committed against him, but have done nothing.

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