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The following were taken from daily booking reports at the Burbank Police Department. AREA 1 2600 North Hollywood Way Bob Hope Airport police on May 29 arrested a 35-year-old Northern California man after a suspicious liquid in his backpack allegedly led screeners to an unspecified amount of marijuana. Aaron Silverman, of Danville, reportedly claimed that the marijuana was for medical use. He was also allegedly carrying a large amount of cash. Silverman was arrested on suspicion of transporting marijuana for sale and booked at the Burbank Police Jail.

2900 block of North San Fernando Boulevard Officers patrolling the Ramada Inn detained a man for public intoxication. During their search, they allegedly discovered a butterfly knife from the pant pocket of John Hardin, 42, of San Jose.

300 block of North Pass Avenue A 32-year-old Toluca Lake man on Monday declined to provide a panhandler money before entering a Starbucks Coffee. Once inside, the panhandler struck him in an unprovoked attack. The suspect lifted his shirt exposing a large tattoo on his stomach and yelled "Westside" before fleeing the area. Officers were unable to locate the suspect. He was described as 6 feet tall, clean shaven with tattoos on his arms.

10900 Sherman Way Officers on May 29 responded to the Vallarta Market after being called to a fight between security and a suspected robber. The 17-year-old bandit, whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, tried to flee the scene being detained for stealing meat. Police said he punched and kicked the security officer, who during the scuffle used pepper spray. The teen was detained and arrested on suspicion of robbery with force and transported to Juvenile Hall in Sylmar.

AREA 2 200 block of North First Street A suspected thief on May 27 punched out the passenger lock on a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado and removed the truck's steering column. The suspect began working on the ignition in an attempt to start the vehicle, but fled before carrying to out the crime.

100 block of East Orange GroveAvenue A man on May 29 returned to the public parking lot and saw a man standing behind his 2002 Cadillac Escalade as another man was inside. The man heard his vehicle engine running and ran toward his vehicle. At that point the two suspects fled through a stairwell toward the AMC theater complex.

2800 block of North Glenoaks Officers on Monday responded to calls of a suspicious fire set Sunday that burned phone lines and a wooden fence. Burbank firefighters extinguished the fire.

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