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Mailbag: Shooting looks like a botch job

Shooting looks like a botch job

After reading Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse’s fairy-tale version of the Kmart shoot-out (“Chief thanks public for cooperation,” July 17), I have to wonder: Is there not one single person in this entire city with enough guts to ask the simple question — how in the name of God did a suspect with his wrists handcuffed behind his back get a hold of an officer’s gun and fire multiple rounds before being subdued?

It sure sounds like another Burbank police botch-up to me.

Instead of sending out get-well cards, maybe pink slips would be more in order.


Richard J. Tafilaw


Burbank Athletic Club is outstanding

I’m writing to respond to Linda Bessin’s attack on the Burbank Athletic Club (“Club should focus on improvement,” July 21).


Her letter suggests that people don’t want to join, while at the same time totally disregarding the point of the lawsuit. I have been a member of the athletic club (formerly World Gym) for at least 10 years, my husband is a member, and now our teenage son works out regularly, too.

When Greg Bedrossian became the new owner, there was an immediate improvement in both facilities. This is a great gym with great clientele and great employees. Both gyms are clean, well-organized, and the staff is very helpful.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Burbank Athletic Club and want to encourage others to join and support this local business. People do want to join and they should — now more than ever!

Liz Barlak


Not happy with Fire Department routes

There was a letter about noise pollution and how the country is getting noisier (“Never mind smoke: Stop the diesel, noise,” Aug. 15). Our Fire Department could care less. They still drive through the Village on non-emergency runs every day and at any hour.

We can’t figure it out. As laymen, we would stay on Olive Avenue or Magnolia heading east to Third Street and turn there. As professionals, they turn onto San Fernando Boulevard and Palm Avenue in the Village.


Both streets are congested with cars and trucks. Both streets do not need any more noise and exhaust pollution.

It doesn’t make sense!

Don Larsen