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Mailbag: Smaller trash cans should equal price cut

Last week, the refuse collector for my neighborhood destroyed my trash can while dumping my trash. I called the Public Works Department to get another one. Simple problem, or so I thought.

When the can arrived, I realized that it was a new design and actually smaller than the old can. I called Public Works to complain, and they said these are the new replacement cans. They are supposed to hold the same amount of trash, but it is very apparent that they are smaller.

While this may seem to be a small issue, it is not. The city has essentially given a fee increase to all of us with smaller cans. We are paying the same amount, but for smaller cans.

I know the city is concerned about the landfill, but buying smaller cans is not the way to do things. If the city is going to give me a smaller can, they should reduce my trash pickup fees.


Denise Wilcox


Thankful for Gordon’s work on City Council

In light of the city of Bell City Council scandal, can anyone ever doubt the integrity and wisdom of Burbank Councilman David Gordon in his asking tough, pertinent questions?


He is the only watchdog on the council for all the citizens of Burbank.

Thank you, Gordon.

Steve Urbanovich


‘That corner building’ needs an overhaul

Have you noticed me? I am at the corner of the 400 block of East Cedar Avenue and Glenoaks Boulevard. I apologize for my sad condition and have been this way for more than a year.

At one time, I was a nice, small attractive building with windows, doors and a nice stucco outside, housing a small business.

Today you see but a skeleton of a building that was, at one time, proud to be part of Burbank. Now, perhaps I will be a home for the homeless or a play area for neighborhood children.


I hope that being this eyesore won’t deter business from the Red Top market and kitchen soon to open nearby. This neighborhood has had to put up with me for what seems like forever, and nothing is being done to improve my appearance. If someone wanted to put in a freeway — just kidding — I would have been condemned and torn down by now.

So if you’re ever in my area, slow down and have a look at something that is certainly not Burbank.

Signed, “That corner building.”

Pell Kruttschnitt


Impressed with Gatto’s solutions

Your article Aug. 5 article titled “Ramani undecided about election,” about Sunder Ramani’s failed quest for the state Legislature, begs the question on why he finished second in the last election, and why he will likely finish second again if he runs in November.

The victor in the in June special election, Assemblyman Mike Gatto, is a conscientious, intelligent young man, with deep roots in the community. Moreover, as many have noted, Gatto is a fiscal conservative but a social progressive.


He brings a lot of common-sense financial solutions to the table, when our state needs them most. But Gatto does not espouse any of the social or ethnic divisiveness that Ramani does, and which marked the unsuccessful campaigns for Assembly earlier this year.

To this voter, it is clear why Ramani lost and why Gatto won.

Anita Mardirosian


Bible’s full of unsavory traditions

So Proposition 8 has been overturned by a judge as unconstitutional. No doubt the people of faith will be screaming about the attack on tradition.

The odd thing is that the major financial backer of Proposition 8, the Mormon church, was founded on the basis of polygamy. Later, the marriage laws of the church were changed.

But what Mormons won’t tell you is they simply pushed polygamy to their afterlife! Yes, you heard me right. Mormon doctrine states that marriage in heaven includes polygamy. So much for tradition and honesty.

As for the other Bible thumpers, why is marriage the only tradition they cling to — going to the voting booth to impose it on everybody? Child brides, stoning, segregated seats in temples, blood-letting, marring your dead brother’s wife, slavery, etc., are also traditional practices in the Bible.

Must be these traditionalists, they just hate gay people.

Ray Shelton