No leads on MelroseMac robbers

Police still have no leads on four suspects who robbed a computer store at gunpoint and injured one employee on Saturday morning

At 9:45 a.m. Oct. 16, the group of four black men forced their way into the rear entrance of MelroseMac, located on the 2400 block of West Olive Avenue, when an employee arrived for work.


After entering the building, the men ordered the first employee and two additional workers to the ground.

Two of the men were armed with handguns, police said.


A fourth employee who arrived at the store and interrupted the robbery, called 9-1-1, but the men had already fled in a white vehicle after escaping down an alley behind the business.

The police were unable to locate the men during a search of the area.

The thieves escaped with several laptop computers, cell phones and an unknown amount of cash from the business that specializes in Apple products.

MelroseMac referred all questions regarding the robbery to the Burbank Police Department and there is no estimate on the value of all the lost merchandise.


Detectives will be contacting other agencies to see if any similar robberies have occurred recently to find additional leads, said police Sgt. Robert Quesada.

All four men were described as between 18 and 25 years old and as were wearing dark hooded sweatshirts with jeans and tennis shoes, according to statements by the employees.

One employee was injured after hitting his head against a door frame during the commotion, police said.

Anyone with details about the robbery was urged to call Sgt. Tony DeSantis at (818) 238-3242.