District eliminates three part-time positions

The Burbank Unified School Board voted unanimously Thursday to eliminate three part-time staff positions due to a drop in enrollment and changing needs.

The positions eliminated included two part-time instructional assistant jobs at the Horace Mann Children’s Center and a part-time special education instructional assistant job at Edison Elementary School.

“The instructional assistant children center [positions are] due to a lack of work, and the special ed assistant is because the [Individualized Education Program] requirements have changed,” said Assistant Supt. Lori Ordway-Peck.

The two Horace Mann positions were vacant, she added.


School board member Larry Applebaum noted that Horace Mann Children’s Center is typically at capacity.

“Am I to assume that as the enrollment gets back up to capacity that these positions might have to be reinstated at that time?” Applebaum asked.

The positions can and will be reinstated if enrollment increases and there is a need, Ordway-Peck said.

“There is a lack of work,” she said. “The enrollment doesn’t justify [the extra staffing].”