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Shedding some light on Burbank history

Since the “tuckered friar” was intercepted on Glenoaks Boulevard instead of the more direct San Fernando Road route to San Fernando Mission, he had other obstacles to overcome (“Friar tuckered after historical walk,” Jan. 12).

Had not the compass trees on South Lake Street been needlessly chopped down in 1964, he might have had a well-deserved rest and certainly a more accurate idea of where he was going!

What is Burbank’s rightful place in mission history is fast forgotten. It is true that we have no actual proof, written or otherwise, only bits and pieces of recollections of our pioneer citizens. Nevertheless, during the centennial year, efforts should be made to review and analyze what we know now and, hopefully, gain new information.

If anyone has any further information or proof of the existence and purpose of those trees, please contact me.


An aside to those who don’t know what we’re talking about:

We do have a “pocket park” commemorating the trees — Compass Tree Park, on South Lake Street and Providencia Avenue. Directly behind the small park runs Burbank Creek, very neatly secured with retaining walls on both sides. The sycamore trees were located in the immediate vicinity.

If one looked through the limbs, they could spot the buildings of San Fernando Mission, as at that time there were no other buildings in the San Fernando Valley to block their line of sight.

Raymond E. Marks



Two thumbs up for Colony Theatre

Congratulations to the Colony Theatre Company for winning two Ovation awards for the 2009-10 season.

Beth Grant won as best actress in a drama for “Grace and Glorie.” Of the many memorable performances we have seen in 22 years as Colony subscribers, her performance was the most memorable. She richly deserved the award.

Jess McLaughlin won the award for scenic design for the same play. Year after year, the Colony has given Burbank the best in live theater for a fraction of the ticket prices of major Los Angeles productions. It’s our favorite theater.

Elliott and Esther Porter