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Hotel Amarano ready for a new look

Employees and community leaders braved the hot, humid weather Thursday to celebrate the Hotel Amarano’s expansion.

The hotel on North Pass Avenue will add 32 rooms, a pool, cabanas and flat-screen TVs to the existing 100-room building.

“The groundbreaking is a celebration of the hotel’s future,” General Manager Tom Whelan said.

As guests sat beneath a canopy, surrounded by yellow caution signs that adorned the perimeter of the empty lot next to the hotel, Whelan outlined how the project would create a new four-story building for the new rooms.


“Business started to improve at the end of last year and early this year, and we think it’s an opportune time to build an additional 32 rooms,” Whelan said.

The fourth-floor area of the hotel that is currently home to a hot tub, the fitness center and a massage room will be moved to the new section of the hotel, Whelan said. A new luxury suite is envisioned for the area.

Whelan hopes the hotel will open the luxury suite and 32-room addition at the same time and minimize the amount of time guests will not have access to the fitness center and the other amenities.

He noted the pool will be between the two buildings as a way to physically connect them.


“In the past, not having a pool somewhat hurt our weekend business,” Whelan said. “During the week, for the corporate traveler, it’s not that important.”