Disney Elementary apparently 'flocked' by another Burbank school

Students and staff at Disney Elementary School in Burbank were suprised to find a flock of plastic flamingos grazing in the school's newly dedicated Disney Diggers Garden Thursday morning.

The 2,500-square-foot garden was apparently "flocked" by another school as a prank.

Disney Elementary School Office Manager Debbie Melaragno said in an email that students and staff had a good sense of humor about the prank.

The garden is flush with pumpkins, beans, tomatoes, melons and a half-dozen different kinds of flowers. 


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--Katie Landan, Times Community News

Twitter: @KatieLandan

Photo: Disney Elementary School was “flocked” on Thursday Sept. 22, 2011 by another school as a prank. Credit: Debbie Melaragno

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