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John D. Lowry dies at 79; innovative film-restoration executive

John D. Lowry, an entertainment technology innovator who founded Lowry Digital Images, the renowned movie restoration company in Burbank that worked its magic by returning film classics such as “Casablanca” and “Star Wars” to their pristine state for DVD release, has died. He was 79.

Lowry died Jan. 21 at his home in Camarillo, said his son David. The cause of death is unknown.

“John Lowry’s passion for cinema and expertise in technology were essential in preserving the work of filmmakers for future generations to enjoy,” George Lucas told The Times in a statement.

“He has rescued many movies from irreparable decay, making it possible to enjoy them forever as the artists envisioned, without the damage of time,” Lucas said. “His legacy has ensured that filmmakers can preserve their legacies.”


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-- Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times