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Sherman campaign seeks review of hire by rival Berman’s ‘super Pac’

Rep. Brad Sherman‘s reelection campaign is asking federal authorities to investigate what it says is improper coordination between his main rival, fellow Democratic Rep. Howard Berman, and a “super PAC” formed to support Berman in the nationally watched contest.

In a complaint planned for delivery to the Federal Election Commission on Monday, Sherman campaign manager Scott Abrams alleges that a Berman operative did not wait the required 120 days between working for the Berman campaign and contracting with the super PAC.

Such fundraising groups, which emerged as a controversial factor in the presidential primary contest, can collect unlimited amounts of money to use in support of, or opposition to, specific candidates. But they are forbidden to coordinate with a candidate or a candidate’s campaign.

The complaint notes that the Berman campaign reported paying political consultant Jerry Seedborg $132,000 in the first three months of the year. During the same period, the super PAC reported paying Seedborg’s company, Voter Guide Slate Cards, $23,595 for mail advertisements touting Berman’s candidacy.


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-- Jean Merl, Los Angeles Times