San Fernando Valley roundup: The woman who tweets as Glen Bearian, Metro expands weekend hours and Encino man suspected of shooting out windows

Good morning, readers. Today is Saturday, July 14, 2012. We'll start with a curious story that has stretched from Sherman Oaks to Woodland Hills. 

Police have been looking for someone who has been shooting marbles and ball bearings into windows across the Valley. On Thursday, they arrested an unlikely suspect: A 58-year-old Encino investment broker who has an office in Beverly Hills. A BB gun and a slingshot were found in his home, but he has refused to talk about it. Daily News

In my three years of living adjacent to the Metro Red Line, there were always times I would have liked to jump on the train, if not for the midnight curfew. I specifically remember one instance where I ran to catch the last train in downtown L.A., having left early from the monthly art walk. Metro seems to have caught on to everyone's complaints and will soon be offering service until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. But that means you still can't go to late shows, films, plays or events on weeknights using the rail system. The Source

Family and coworkers of a Sherman Oaks cook who was shot and killed at work last month have set up a memorial fund. Police are still looking for the gunman. ABC
Randi Levin, the general manager of L.A.'s Information Technology Agency, has resigned following the news that her husband owes the DWP thousands of dollars for a property he rents in North Hollywood. He allegedly stopped paying bills because he thought the rent was too high. L.A. Times
Who has been posing as the Glendale bear, affectionately dubbed 'Meatball,' on Twitter? A 29-year-old Glendale woman, who uses the handle @TheGlendaleBear to crack jokes and give a personality to the ursine neighbor. Now, police are encouraging her to tweet public safety reminders. L.A. Times
Burbank will be more prepared to handle terrorist threats, thanks to a $341K grant coming to the city. The money will be used to strengthen security at Bob Hope Airport and the Downtown Metrolink Station. Burbank Leader

-- Tiffany Kelly, Times Community News

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