Comic-Con: Warner Bros. brings Hollywood luxury to VIP tent

At this year's Comic-Con International, Warner Bros.  set up a VIP-only tent so packed with luxury that some of those allowed in said it reminded them more of the Cannes Film Festival than the annual gathering of geek fans.

There was little indication outside that there was anything special about the white tent that sprouted up for the first time this year. Located in between the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H, where the most popular panels for movies and TV shows are held, and the "Extra" stage where Warner touted many of its TV shows in an outdoor setting, it was surrounded by shrubbery.

A single entrance was flanked by two security guards who stood in front of a green carpet with velvet ropes for the VIPs exiting their cars. The only people allowed inside appeared to be Warner executives and the actors, writers, producers and directors whom the studio brought in to promote its films and TV programs.

But inside it was a world removed from the jam-packed environs of the Con, where it's often difficult for famous names to walk five feet without being accosted by fans.

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-- Ben Fritz, Los Angeles Times

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