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Burbank extends summer pool season amid high demand

Burbank extends summer pool season amid high demand
(Times Community News)

With construction on a major overhaul of Verdugo Park pool keeping demand high, Burbank will divert nearly $46,000 to extend the aquatic season at McCambridge Park for an additional five weeks.

The City Council unanimously agreed to extend the swim season to mid-October by using money set aside for the swim season at Verdugo Park.

Burbank’s aquatic season usually runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

Mayor Dave Golonski said last week that he wanted to look at extending the swim season because the community was upset about the Verdugo pool not being open.


Councilman Gary Bric said he supported extending the swim season because the pool at Verdugo Park was shut down.

“I would normally say, ‘Save [the money] for a rainy day,’” he said, but with the funding available and warm weather likely to extend to October, he supported the extension.

Golonski also said the city should look into establishing a year-round swim season, which residents at the meeting supported.

The city, he added, should “think outside the box,” adding that there were probably 10 different models for year-round use, including the possibility of aquatic therapy centers renting space to provide the city with an income stream.


Judie Wilke, who recently stepped into the role of park, recreation and community services director, said officials had begun the process of finding creative ways to have a year-round swim season and possible public-private partnerships.

More details on what the extended swim season will look like will come back to the council for further discussion.


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