San Fernando Valley roundup: North Hollywood girls found, Second Studio City resident has West Nile

Good morning, readers. Today is Saturday, August 25 and here are some of the latest stories from around the Web.

Two North Hollywood girls reported missing Thursday were found Friday, reports the L.A. Times. They were unharmed and apparently ran away from home to escape chores or other rules set by their mother.

A second person now has West Nile virus in a neighborhood with a dirty pool in a foreclosed Studio City home, reports the Daily News. Residents believe the green swimming pool is to blame. 

Makeshift parks are popping up everywhere in L.A. Silver Lake's Sunset Triangle Plaza, an area for basketball, lunching and lounging, debuted earlier this year. Now the city has approved blocking out a few other areas, currently parking spaces, to hold benches, bike racks and plants. Hopefully they open one of these up in the Valley, too. L.A. Times

A woman was killed while riding her motor bike in North Hollywood Thursday night, reports NoHo Patch. She allegedly went through a stop sign and was hit by two cars. 

Did you hear what sounded like a low-flying plane gliding over your home this morning? It might have been a NASA jet preparing for the Space Shuttle Endeavour's roll into L.A. next month. L.A. Observed

-- Tiffany Kelly, Times Community News

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Photo: Macy Gray performs at the Americana in Glendale on Thursday. 

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