New train safety system unveiled with '08 Metrolink crash in mind

Transportation officials are scheduled to unveil a safety measure Monday morning designed to keep trains from colliding even in case of human error.

The system uses global positioning system technology to keep track of trains, and if two get too close or appear to be in other danger, a computer will warn the engineer and can also automatically apply the brakes.

Called "positive train control" technology, the system will be implemented by rail providers nationwide including Metrolink, BNSF, Union Pacific Railroad and Amtrak in Southern California.

The upgrade is in response to the Sept. 12, 2008 crash that killed 25 people and hurt 135 others when a Metrolink train crashed head-on into a Union Pacific train minutes after leaving the Chatsworth station.


Local teachers, city workers among those killed in Chatsworth crash

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-- Jason Song, Los Angeles Times

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