Endeavour: Providence High photo class gets historic subject of a lifetime

The 18 students of Michelle Boucher's photo class at Providence High school captured the space shuttle Endeavour on Friday from the top of a parking garage as it flew overhead.

"We get to take a picture of something that’s once in a lifetime," Boucher said at the start of class.

As the shuttle approached Burbank from the west, they snapped as many photos as they could before Endeavor disappeared and then reappeared from the mountain tops across the Ventura (134) Freeway. Endeavor and the Boeing 747 it was affixed to then flew eastward before turning to fly over the five-story garage to give everyone the chance to capture a full frame shot.

"I thought it was gone, then all of a sudden it flew over us," said 17-year- old Berdj Odabachian. "I got some good ones.”

Sixteen-year-old Kameron Willard was also pleased with the once-in-a-lifetime photo op.

"I got at least 10 good shots," he said.

Boucher said the students' photos will likely be posted online. On Monday, they'll return to class and enhance the photos with Photoshop, but Boucher was already thrilled with them.

"I didn't think it would be that nice," she said.

-- Kelly Corrigan, Times Community News

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