San Fernando Valley roundup: Pierce weather station gets an upgrade, Caruso bows out of Mayor's race

Good morning, readers. Today is Friday, October 12. A renovated weather station was unveiled on a cloudy day in the San Fernando Valley.

Pierce College's station will help scientists predict climate change, reports the L.A. Times.

It looks like Glendale's business buddy Rick Caruso won't be starting a campaign to be mayor of L.A. after all. "I love Los Angeles and believe in this city but it is not the appropriate time for me to step away from Caruso Affiliated," Caruso said in a statement Thursday. Does this mean more outdoor shopping malls in the city's future? L.A. Observed

In the market for Indian hand-carved doors or statues from Malaysia? Arte de Mexico is closing their North Hollywood location and selling everything at discounted prices. L.A. Times

The show must go on: A floral business that provides arrangements for the Academy Awards' Governors' Ball had a fire damage their property over the weekend, but they began business again this week under tents next door. Daily News

Glendale police are looking for a man and a woman who used to a deceased woman's information to shop at TJMaxx, Trader Joe's and other stores. Glendale News-Press

-- Tiffany Kelly, Times Community News

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