Cash flows as Burbank school board and City Council campaigns near the finish line

Burbank election candidates continued to beef up their campaign coffers during the last reporting period, which spanned through Feb. 9, just as ballots for Tuesday's primary began to arrive in Burbank homes.

Candidate Bob Frutos continued to lead fundraising efforts among the six vying for a seat on the City Council, having amassed $5,182 between Jan. 13 and Feb. 9, records show.

Incumbents Jess Talamantes and David Gordon followed closely behind him, having each raised nearly $3,900 over the same period.

Frutos collected $4,443 from 32 sources, boosting his total since the campaign started to $12,981, which includes a $4,200 loan from himself. The candidate's supporters include Councilman Gary Bric, who also donated to candidate David Nos, and the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly.

“All I've been doing is just reaching out to all the neighbors, door to door, having conversations about our city,” Frutos said. “I think what people see in me is a very humble individual, very sincere.”

Talamantes collected $3,875 from 21 sources, including $250 from Scott Scozzola, director of golf at DeBell Golf Course, and $250 from the Ontario-based California Credit Union League Political Action Committee.

Gordon culled $3,855 from 22 sources, including Civil Service Board member Jacqueline Waltman, who donated $250, and also contributed to Frutos' campaign. To date, he has collected $10,292, including a $3,000 loan to himself.

Incumbent Dave Golonski raised $3,413, boosting his total to $6,898. Among Golonski's financial supporters are Interim City Treasurer Debbie Kukta, who donated $49 to the campaign, and Colony Theatre Artistic Director Barbara Beckley, who donated $50.

Candidate David Nos raised $2,853 from 20 sources, including Bric, who contributed $200 to the campaign. To date, Nos has raised $3,054.

Juan Guillen, who filed his expenditure report a day late, collected $1,800 in contributions from 21 sources. His supporters include former Councilman Tim Murphy and city clerk candidate Gloria Salas, who both donated $100.

“At the end of the day, whether I win, lose or draw, I'm still going to be volunteering and serving our community however I can,” Guillen said.

Interim City Clerk Zizette Mullins raised more than five times the amount of her challengers, having added $7,383 to her campaign coffers this period, her report shows.

Among the 32 who boosted her campaign fund this period are Kukta, Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero and Councilwoman Laura Friedman, and Burbank Unified school board candidate Armond Aghakhanian.

Candidate Gloria Salas raised $1,450 from 14 sources, including former Councilwoman Mary Lou Howard.

Nonna von Sonn collected $1,350 from 17 sources — all but one of which are Burbank-affiliated.

Meanwhile, in the race for two seats on the Burbank Unified school board, five candidates have collectively raised nearly $35,000 to date.

For the most recent filing period, Armond Aghakhanian led the way, raising $2,900 from more than 20 contributors and $354 more in contributions of less than $100.

Steve Ferguson raised $939, with $700 coming from four contributors.

Charlene Tabet raised $100 from a single contributor, Burbank resident and real estate broker Bradley Korb, records show.

Incumbent Larry Applebaum raised $350 from two contributors during the reporting period, including former Burbank Mayor Marsha Ramos, who had previously contributed to Ferguson's campaign.

David Dobson raised $425 from four contributors, including $75 from Larry Nemecek, president of the Burbank Democratic Club.


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