Hazel, the shelter pit bull mix that trained Burbank utility workers, is finally adopted

After a year in the Burbank Animal Shelter, the Labrador-pit bull mix that taught utility workers how not to get bitten, has finally found a new home.

Ironically, Hazel was given up by her owner last March after the dog reportedly didn’t allow utility workers in her backyard.

But officials said her friendly nature made her the perfect participant for bite prevention training sessions with Burbank Water and Power workers, helping to educate them on how to approach dogs while in the field.

“These workers often have to go into yards where they encounter pets that are protecting their yards and family,” said Stacie Wood-Levin, senior animal control officer, in a statement. “Hazel helped me show the class that when prompted to play, most pit bulls respond in a positive manner.”

On Saturday, a young couple looking to adopt a pet met Hazel and immediately knew they had to take her home.

“I don’t know how she didn’t get adopted before,” said her new owner, Roberto De Leon, in a statement. “She’s such a happy dog and she’s so well behaved.”

Despite losing their go-to training companion, Pat McCauley, a shelter volunteer, said in a statement that Hazel’s adoption was cause for celebration.

Hazel was featured as shelter "pet of the week" several times in Times Community News publications over the past year.

“This is what we all want for all our shelter dogs,” McCauley said.

-- Alene Tchekmedyian, alene.tchekmedyian@latimes.com

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