Perspective: The many charms of beautiful downtown Burbank

The city of Burbank has come in for some serious dissing since news broke that "The Tonight Show" may leave NBC studios at Olive and Alameda avenues in search of an edgier, fresher vibe in New York City.

The old "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" slam about "beautiful downtown Burbank" was trotted out of deep storage. A great town to have a toothache (the city founder was a dentist). Home to studio "factories."

Burbank Mayor Dave Golonski, a City Council member for 19 years, may have the last laugh. Turns out, he's a bit of a comedian, too.

In a letter asking the network to reconsider, Golonski told NBC that Burbank has "serious concerns about the sea level rise overwhelming 30 Rock," where Jimmy Fallon is poised to take over from host Jay Leno.

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-- Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times

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