Burbank election results finalized

Voter turnout in Tuesday's general election reached 18%, with 11,161 out of 60,623 registered voters participating, according to the final election results.

In the City Council race, David Gordon came in first with 5,430 votes, while Jess Talamantes finished second with 5,290 votes, results show.

Mayor Dave Golonski and David Nos finished with 4,571 and 4,367 votes, respectively.

In the Burbank Unified school board race, winners Larry Applebaum and Charlene Tabet amassed 5,882 and 4,967 votes, respectively.

Steve Ferguson brought in 4,616 votes, while David Dobson trailed with just 2,814.

Around 450 ballots came in to officials late Tuesday — compared to the roughly 1,500 during the primary — which contributed to the speedy release of results, said City Clerk Zizette Mullins.

Results weren't released until after midnight during the primary, drawing criticism from residents at the time, but all the ballots were counted by just after 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Changes made to speed up the process included increasing ballot pick-up frequency from the five drop-off centers and fixing kinks in the automated machine that validates voter signatures, Mullins said.

"Because of these adjustments we made, we got ahead," she said.


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