Citing Disney dispute, AMC stops selling advance tickets for 'Iron Man 3'

The nation's second-largest theater chain, AMC Entertainment, has stopped selling advance tickets for the upcoming movie "Iron Man 3" because of a dispute with Walt Disney Studios.

At an industry convention intended to showcase the close relations between studios and theater chains, a fight erupted between the two powerful companies over how to divvy up box-office revenues from "Iron Man 3," the Marvel Studios film that is set for release May 3.

"We do not have 'Iron Man 3' tickets on sale because we are still working to reach terms with Disney," AMC said in a statement. "We hope to reach agreement and get tickets on sale as soon as possible so it doesn't affect opening weekend."

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"Iron Man 3," starring Robert Downey Jr., is expected to be one of the biggest movie openings of the year and Hollywood is counting on such films to boost box-office revenue, which has been down 12% this year.

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-- Richard Verrier, Los Angeles Times

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