Start the Presses: Burbank mechanic's amazing 'Shift It' commercial

Our reporters are hard at work nailing down the details of the deliciously ridiculous "Shift It" music video-slash-auto commercial-slash-Internet meme, but I couldn't let another second go by without embedding the video on our sites.

For those as-yet-unaware, the video is an ad for Arlen's Transmission, near the corner of Burbank and Edison boulevards, starring its owner, Gorgen Zargarian, in a Persian-style music and dance routine. In a world that can sometimes seem a bit unfair, harsh or cruel, it's refreshing to see such a piece of sublime, and joyous, weirdness. Here's to you, Mr. Zargarian. Here's to you.

According to the YouTube stamp, the video was uploaded on April 29, and as of 5:30 p.m. Thursday, is closing in on a million views. 

-- Dan Evans, Times Community News

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