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Burbank school board selects longtime member as new president

Burbank school board selects longtime member as new president
Burbank School Board Candidate Dave Kemp attends a candidates forum, which took place at Burbank City Hall on Wednesday, January 20, 2011. Kemp will serve as president of the school board.
(Cheryl A. Guerrero / Staff Photographer)

Dave Kemp, a 10-year Burbank Unified school board member, was chosen by his peers to be president Thursday at the annual reorganization meeting.

Kemp Thursday said he looks forward to “the process of lessening the pain we have suffered” in recent years amid budget challenges and changes in education.

“Such things as testing, changes in technology, changes as a result of Measure S, issues of employee morale, and continued expectations in student achievement are but some of challenges we face,” Kemp said. “I believe we can work as a team…to overcome all these obstacles and continue the journey to BUSD’s rise to the pinnacle of educational excellence.”

Kemp brings with him more than 30 years of experience working as a teacher, coach and athletic director for the school district.


The board also welcomed a new member, Charlene Tabet, who was elected in April. She benefited from spending by the controversial anti-teachers union organization, StudentsFirst, during her campaign.

“I know you will be advocate for children and for BUSD,” Kemp said to Tabet.

In stepping down from his role as board president, Larry Applebaum said he was “humbled” to serve the district for another four years. Applebaum was re-elected in April as the top vote-getter in the school board race.

“It’s certainly not lost on me that a lot of trust is placed by the voters in the five of us,” Applebaum said. “I hope that I can continue to deserve and keep earning that trust.”


-- Alene Tchekmedyian,

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