Disney's sexier, skinnier Merida to stay, despite protests

Despite an online petition that garnered over 200,000 signatures protesting the re-imagining of Pixar's "Brave" heroine Merida, Disney has no intention of abandoning its sexier version of the Scottish archer.

The modified Merida was created specifically to welcome the character into the company's princess collection. And according to a Disney representative on Wednesday, the image of Merida that sparked this maelstrom is part of a limited run of products including backpacks and pajamas. But images of the original Merida will also be available on consumer products, the Disney representative said.

The version causing the outrage envisions the cartoon character with a much more tamed mane of red curls, a plunging neckline, a narrowed waistline and an angled face. She's also sporting eyeliner and not showing off her trademark bow and arrow.

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-- Nicole Sperling, Los Angeles Times

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