Leader Editorial: Colony show's success is a boon for the city

With the Colony Theatre teetering on the edge of insolvency, many feared its latest production, "Falling For Make Believe," might very well be its last.

In a turnabout worthy of Hollywood, the show, which has garnered spectacular reviews — including one by this publication — has become a huge smash. It's last show was scheduled to be this Sunday, but due to demand, Creative Director Barbara Beckley said the show will return to its 270-seat home on June 6 and go as long as it can.

Ticket sales for the show, according to officials, have already brought in more than $40,000, topping the sales of the venue's previous hit, "The Morini Strad," which was itself the Colony's biggest blockbuster in three years.

It's all good news, as the loss of the Colony would be a significant blow. Unfortunately, the group is not yet safe, as it looks to raise $500,000 to launch its next season and start an endowment to better ensure against lean years.

So to that end: Try and make it to the show. It's more than worth it, both to the audience and the city as a whole.

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