Disney to premiere new Mickey Mouse shorts on TV

The Walt Disney Co. means a lot of things these days: Marvel superheroes, "Star Wars" and Pixar among them, but the company is going back to basics for its latest Disney Channel series, titled simply, "Mickey Mouse."

The new series will feature short adventures starring the company's mascot getting involved in slapstick hijinks the way he used to back in the 1930s. In a deliberate attempt to get away from the modern look of computer animation, the new Mickey Mouse shorts will be done in traditional 2-D animation and feature a Mickey Mouse styled as he was in the 1930s, back when his short films were nominated nine times for best animated short film.

PHOTOS: Mickey Mouse through the years

Adding to the retro style, the background designs are inspired by the look of Disney cartoons in the 1950s and '60s, and it's said that the production team is paying homage to other Disney icons along the way. So there will be plenty to pick apart for Disney trivia buffs, as well as for kids.

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-- Patrick Kevin Day, Los Angeles Times


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