Review: 'Wrap Your Heart Around It' a confessional that holds you rapt

In “Wrap Your Heart Around It,” Nashville singer-songwriter and accordionist LynnMarie Rink lays out her life lessons with abundant humor and heroic honesty. Before this stunning solo confessional has ended, we’re not only at one with Rink, we’re ready to take up the accordion ourselves.

A five-time Grammy nominee in the polka category, Rink is certainly a virtuoso on “the Box.”  Her demonstration of how to turn any song into something Myron Floren would recognize typifies Rink’s fertile wit, while her renditions of Slovenian folk tunes and her own well-crafted songs have a touching directness.

Because what makes “Wrap Your Heart” a remarkable achievement is how effortlessly Rink connects with us while sharing a biographical account that is potently universal for being pointedly specific. The psychological and emotional baggage left by an alcoholic father, detached mother and addicted siblings forms the core, religious and marital conflicts and the show-biz grind are the engine.

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-- David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times




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