Burbank man's disappearance remains a mystery

It’s been a month since 24-year-old Gevork Boyadzhyan was last seen in Burbank. His family members don’t know where he is and are desperate for answers, and have not given up hope that he will one day return home.

Boyadzhyan left his Burbank home at 7:30 p.m. on July 20 in his car, dressed casually in black jeans and a black jacket.

He had just gotten off the phone and told his mother he’d be back, but didn’t specify where he was headed. An hour later, he sent a text message to a close friend that said, “Call me.”

But he never came home.

Since 9:30 that night, his phone has been turned off, no activity has been reported on his credit cards, and there’s been no sign of him at local hospitals or jails, according to his family.

Even after printing and distributing hundreds of fliers with his picture, driving around looking for clues, and staying up late digging through his computer and belongings, family members have gotten nowhere. But they’ve not given up hope that he will come home safely.

“If he was not with us anymore, I feel like I would’ve felt something. I don’t feel that, so that’s a good thing,” said his sister, Ana Akilyan, 30. “Until I know for sure, I’ll never be able to rest. I have to see him with my own eyes.”

Even so, there’s not a scenario about what could have happened that hasn’t gone through her mind, which has made going to work a struggle, she said.

“It’s such a roller coaster, throughout the day even,” Akilyan said. “One second, you think he’s going to be OK, then your mind starts playing tricks on you.”

The kindness of strangers offering to help has been comforting, Akilyan said. A Facebook page asking for the public’s help has been “liked” more than 3,100 times, with commenters offering prayers and hope.

“It makes you feel like you have an extended family,” Akilyan said.

Boyadzhyan was last seen leaving his home near Grismer Avenue and San Fernando Boulevard in his white 2010 Lexus sedan, which has a black roof and black wheels. The license plate number is 6MUG716.

Boyadzhyan was described by family members as 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds, with light brown eyes and short brown hair. He has a tattoo of a young boy on his right inner biceps.

Anyone with information about Boyadzhyan’s whereabouts, or who may have seen or communicated with him, is urged to call Burbank police at (818) 238-3140, or his family at (818) 414-1349. To remain anonymous, call (800) 222-TIPS.


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