Bob Hope flight diverted due to disruptive passenger

A flight from Burbank to New York City had to be diverted to Denver last week because a passenger who reportedly was drunk became disruptive in mid-flight.

Gregory Meyer, 47, of Studio City was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday after he caused a disturbance on a JetBlue flight headed from Bob Hope Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to court documents.

Meyer told investigators he brought a brown paper bag containing six small bottles of vodka onto the plane and admitted he had consumed alcohol before and during the flight. He also told investigators that he took a sleeping pill during takeoff.

He claims he does not remember the incident.

Meyer smelled of alcohol when he boarded the flight, and was yelling and singing loudly in his seat, according to an affidavit submitted by arresting FBI agent Martin H. Daniell III.

Meyer proceeded to stroke the arm of a female passenger who was seated across the aisle from him and then grabbed her waist, according to the affidavit.

Meyer also allegedly grabbed the head of the female passenger seated in front of him and pulled it backward.

When Meyer would not stop his disruptive behavior despite several warnings from airline attendants, including a written one, the flight was diverted to Denver International Airport, where Meyer was taken into federal custody.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport spokesman Victor Gill said Tuesday that the airfield had no comment on the incident because it occurred after the plane departed from Burbank and it did not impact the airport in any way.

After his arrest, Meyer told Daniell that he does not remember talking to or touching any person on the plane and that anything that happened was a “misunderstanding.”

Meyer, who was released on bail at a hearing the same day as his arrest, faces two charges of simple assault by offensive touching. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 12.

Meyer's attorney, Saskia Jordan, of Denver, did not respond to requests for comment on Tuesday.


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