Burbank Editorial: Walmart ruling stems from early oversights

Those opposing the proposed Walmart in the Empire Center were no doubt relieved — and proponents dismayed — when a judge ruled this week that Burbank must rescind the project's building permits.

If the Walmart project is to proceed, Judge Allan Goodman ruled, street improvements promised in 2001 must be made and an environmental report must be produced for public consideration.

Then there's the matter of the grocery store Walmart intends to open. The Burbank city manager and director of community development at the time, Mike Flad — since moved to South Gate — and Greg Hermann — now retired — had to formally approve the market. According to the court, neither did so.

Late last year, the plaintiffs' attorney, Gideon Kracov, characterized the suit as a David-and-Goliath battle. We can't help but point out that in this particular version of the biblical story, Goliath — with a major assist from Burbank City Hall — handed his opponent all the stones.

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